Beebon International supplies fused electrical grade magnesium oxide (MgO, also known as magnesia) to the Korean heating element industry

The main uses of fused electrical grade MgO are in heating elements.  MgO is also used in refractory, automotive friction and other applications.

BeeBon has been the exclusive agent of UCM-Group for more than 21 years.  UCM—Group has operations in the U.S., Europe and China.

The UCM Group of companies produce electrical grade magnesium oxide used worldwide by leading manufacturers of heating elements for a diverse range of products for industrial and domestic applications. (UCM link below). 

Electrical grade magnesium oxide is also used for automotive applications in diesel engine glow plugs and in friction products.

Magnesium oxide has exceptional electrical resistance and heat transfer properties making it the preferred insulation material for sheathed heating elements.  MgO grades are available for a wide range of applications based on physical properties and desired operating temperatures of heating elements, determined by the load and heat dissipating conditions, to satisfy individual heater requirements.

The element design and production practices have a significant effect on the performance of the element.  Therefore, customers should conduct their own tests to determine the individual product type most suited to their application.

Beebon supplies Incoloy and Inconel sheath tubing and machines for producing tubular heating elements.